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Key: C Major Style: All Styles Focus: Chords Difficulty: Intermediate

  Chord Arpeggiation Trick  

Christopher Schlegel

Chord Arpeggiation Trick

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This is a bit of an advanced trick. But it really is simpler than it looks and sounds! And it can add a great deal of color & flash to your playing.

Once you learn that a chord is played with three notes of a scale, you can repeat the chord pattern over and again in many different octaves.

The term "arpeggio" means "a broken chord", or to play a chord one note at a time. This is why the title of this lesson is called an arpeggiation trick. Notice that the notes of the chord are played one after the other in quick succession.

Then, cross your hands over and up to the same chord in the next highest octave!

  Chord Arpeggiation Trick  

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